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That's right. Everyone who fills out this form 
can win my award instantly. I got rid of the few 
awards I won because I want you to focus on my
award. Once you fill out this form below it
will take you to the award without the word
"Sample" on it. Over 70 winners so far.
Fewer people are applying now that 
I'm letting everyone win this award but
I would say that it's still a good idea to 
let everyone win it. If no one was applying,
I would of gotten rid of it.

(Sorry, there is longer a Winners list)

What's the URL?
( So I can keep "track" of how many people have applied.
And if I haven't signed your guestbook, I might )

How Did You Find My Site?
( was it my banner in someone's guestbook,
 did I sign your guestbook, or what? )