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An E-mail Messenger form like this on your site lets your visitors send you e-mail instantly! Get one for your site today! Note: This is for more advanced users! Name: E-mail: Message to Webmaster: (Note: this one doesn't work on this page) How to put up a Messenger on your page: Step 1) Register for Bravenet and get a User ID. (DONE!) Step 2) Register for the E-mail Form Processor. (DONE!) Step 3) Copy and Paste this Code to your Web Site. (You can also save this page as a .htm file and it includes the code) Step 4) Put in your User ID where you see UUU (the 3rd line down). Step 5) Optional - Change the color inside... it is now set to "Cornsilk". Step 6) Optional - Change the text and button (see the red part of the code). 
Message to Webmaster: 
REMEMBER: You must change the UUU to your User ID. Begin typing here.....