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is "the language used to write pages for the World Wide Web.
This language lets the text include codes that define fonts, layout,
embedded graphics, and hypertext links" according to The Internet
For Dummies, and it's other name is "HTML"

At I got my Train Background Set made.
What I did was, I drew what I wanted on paper and I mailed
it to Mary along with a money order. I asked her to "Work Your Magic"
and she did. The buttons are exactly how I had drawn them....even the
background looks the way I wanted it to. She actually made this background

But I didn't totally like the train so I asked her to remove it.
I actually think it look's better without it. But, I have
been playing around with my scanner paint software
so I've actually changed it a little as you could see.

Netscape Composer

You see this little button here? This is actually what I've
been using to add text, animation, backgrounds, and to upload.

My Old Index
You know "My Space Page"? Well, it use to be my opening page
for over 1 year and a half but I changed that around. I was
getting really sick and tired of reading in my guestbook just
how long it takes for my pages to load. And I don't want to get rid of it.

Be sure to download the cometzone's plug in so you can
have the gif that follows your mouse as you move it.
It only takes 10 seconds to download

If you want I could give you the URL to the web site where
I got my mouse trails but your going to have to e-mail me.

Do you have a web page and you uploaded some of your
images as "bmp" or "art"? I have some very bad news for you.
They always come out totally broken on Netscape. You should
save them as "jpg" and "gif".

Can you believe this? I actually made this banner using Windows 98

I can tell you how if you want me too. The Banner on my Space Page was
made at AllforNothing. You should also check out this link below. He made me
banner but I think I'm going to be making my own banners from now on.